Introduction to Simulatorhallen (the Simulator Room)

Simulatorhallen® or The Simulator Room describes exactly what it is: a space where simulated action takes place. The activities that are played out are not for real in every respect, but the virtual simulation is entirely realistic.


The participants play themselves, i.e. as they are in their day-to-day roles.  They work on solving specific tasks, which may be familiar or quite new, in a screened environment and with all possible help and guidance. The room is therefore a realistic work space, which provides endless opportunities for experimentation, learning and training.


Action before Evaluation


The Simulator Room is unique because we put Action before Evaluation and in this way, provide real situations, new procedures and specific experiences to draw on when decisions need to be made, evaluated and assessed. It saves time. At the same time, all participants have a direct influence on the outcomes of the simulation rather than at meetings and in consultations.


Simulatorhallen® is a Villa Venire concept.